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BLACK WATCH ENTERTAINMENT is Winnipeg's premiere boutique film and television production company. 

We focus on the story and the incredible journey of getting there. There is always room for more great stories to be told, shared and retold over and over again for years to come.  After all, stories have the power to create change, connect us, move and inspire us every single day.


Stories can take many shapes and forms, and our stories are told through films, television shows, web series, and documentaries.  We are always looking for strategic new partnerships to grow and move our ideas forward for more people to experience.


We work with producers from around the world who want to shoot in Manitoba, enticed as much by the wide variety of our locations and landscapes as they are by our generous provincial tax credits and equity funds that can complete most financing scenarios.


We oversee and manage all elements of production, employing the best cast and crew drawn from Manitoba's vast talent pool. We run an efficient and happy production office and keep all the drama for the screen!

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